Inked Machine has been offering quality and affordable work since 2018. All artists are trained in proper and safe tattooing to ensure safety for all of our clients.

Hygiene is Supreme:

Inked machine tattoo studio in Phuket always care about the client’s safety and experience. We always believe in giving our best services to our customers and make sure they walk out feeling “WOW”. They should not suffer from possible skin infections because of tattoos on their body parts. So we strictly spread a set of instructions and protocols which were prepared in Australian style to provide the best procedures to our customers in our studio.
Our artists and staff are highly trained in performing each and every tattoo procedures at a high level of standards and best practices in our Studio. Our Tattoo Studio is created in hygiene ways of protecting every customer who visits our studio. We use only high quality imported ink and disposable tattoo needles and other hygiene equipment which are used in tattoo procedure. Equipment once used in a tattoo procedure is not transferable to other tattoo procedures.

Safe and Clean Environment:

When there is a customer with a need for tattoo who get into our tattoo studio, we always take care of them from the beginning of the procedure to the end of the procedure. As we care about our customer’s safety we not only care about them we also provide best services so that they will leave the place with complete satisfaction.
We never took a chance for a possibility of contamination of the customer who is going to get a tattoo applied on different parts of the body, we make sure that every all our equipment are fully covered by plastic, this plastic covering will be replaced by the new plastics after customer leaves our studio and before customer get into our studio.
Our tattoo artists, professional and other staff were strictly guided to follow the safety guideline and instructions, which includes reusing of the disposable equipment like needles, inks or any other equipment. This equipment is not transferable from one person to another person. They always keep their equipment clean and wash their hands by using a soap dispenser and always wear rubber gloves before they start up on a new procedure.

Sterile Standards and Perfect Executions:

The following are the Sterile Practices and Perfect Executions our professional, experts and staff follow here at the inked machine.

• We always use disposable needles, tubes and quality imported inks which are not transferable.
• All our equipment is covered with plastic covers and is replaced after every procedure of tattoo.
• Chairs, beds and other usable things of our customers will be hygiene and clean
• Artists wash their hands before and after the procedure and they make sure to use a rubber glove in the procedure.
• All the procedure area will be cleaned after the customer leaves and before the customer arrives to avoid conflicts.


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The safety of our clients is of utmost importance at Inked Machine. We ensure that all tattoo and piercing instruments and materials are either thrown away or sterilized in a high-pressure, high-temperature autoclave after each use.